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Comments:  Thank you, Ms. Bongart, for this book and making the teachings of one of the greatest artists of this century available to a greater audience.  I, myself, have one regret.  In 1971, I walked into Sergei's studio on 2nd St. in Santa Monica and showed him some of my work and asked him if I could be his apprentice!  He said I could take some courses with him and we would see the results and discuss the possibility in the future.  Circumstances being as they were, I ended up moving to London and attended Wimbledon School of Art.  I wish I would have taken up Sergei's offer . . . R.H.


 From the classroom of Sergei Bongart . . .

On teaching:

When teaching a class on painting the instructor must be a competent artist.  It is essential that the teacher be able to pick-up a brush and demonstrate how a painting is created.  The mixing of paint; opaque passages, transparent passages, why they are used, and how they are used.  Textural effects to enhance the canvas.  Scrumbling, the direction of brush strokes, calligraphy, accents, and highlights;  All, very important for the student to observe an experienced painter demonstrate these techniques.  In other words "How the painting becomes a work of art".    

Technique!  Most important . . . develop your technical ability.  You are handicapped if you do not develop well enough to hold the subconscious process so as not to have problems of inexperienced painters:  How do I do this? . . . Is this the correct proportion?  Learn technique; have full command to the extent of not being conscious of how it is done.  When craftsmanship has been developed, you are free to create . . . technique will give way to expression!    Train yourself:  It is not by accident an artist becomes a good painter. 

In the book "Touched by the Gods" Sergei Bongart lectures on how to see and use color;  how to develop technique.

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We, at the Bongart Studio, have been very pleased with the tremendous response from artist who have purchased "The little red book".  In the short time of its release the reception has been no less than over-whelming.  The feedback is a wonderful tribute to Sergei, and underlines his devotion to a life of teaching.  All comments cannot be listed but here are a few exceptional thoughts:

"Through the magic of your great book you are, once more, bringing Sergei back among us, thank you.   It is extremely documented, technically as well as spiritually.   I found it most inspiring, right in the line of Robert Henri and Charles Hawthorne in ranking among the classics.  We'll never have enough of Sergei's teachings!"  J.V.

"This will require reading and re-reading many times!  A text book!"  J.W.

"I cannot express how grateful I am that you continue to make these materials available.  Not only to his old and devoted students, but preserving his knowlege for generations of artist to come.  The times I spent studying with Sergei were the hightlights of my life.  Looking at his work, and trying to learn from it, still transports my spirit to bliss!"  T.S.

"The book is spectacular; both for the explanation of his methods and for the sense of his emotions!  Congratulations!"  C.E.

"The book arrived yesterday, I have been immersed in it ever since.   IT IS PERFECT!  It has everything he taught in it...even new young artists will want it even though he was before their time."  L.M.

"The little red book has become my artistic bible."  G.F.

"All I can say is "WOW"  much more than anticipated.  You have provided the guidance I was seeking; Thank you oh so very  much!"  R.M.

"Wonderful book!  It brings the greatest spark of inspiration."  F.A.

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The most comprehensive book on "The Bongart Method"

Compilation of Lectures / Conversation / Quotes
There are two kinds of artists, the emotional painter and academician. The academician can paint into old age sitting on his stool licking his canvas until 98 years of age. The emotional artist burns himself up; he does not live long. The academician always creates something acceptable, boring, but acceptable. The emotional artist often misses, but when he hits it is breathtakingly beautiful,... touched by the gods!   - Sergei Bongart -

Review by Writer Patricia A. McLaughlin:
"The author provides a colorful, dynamic portrait of artist Sergei Bongart. Stories about his childhood, the early recognition of his talent, his dedication to his gifts, and his courageous escape from Russia - all inspire admiration of the man, and the artist that he became. He truly was touched by the gods!

Bongart's compelling heavily-accented voice lends an immediacy that makes him come alive on these pages as a man of perseverance, profound philosophy, and good humor. His flair for drama in lectures and workshops completes the picture of a self-assured man, determined to make a lasting impression on his students. Once he captures their attention, he stuffs them full of verbal pictures on style and technique. They will not soon forget his lessons."

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"Sergei Bongart was above technique . . .  as with poetry that touches the heart.  He never had to think to create art.   His work was a direct honest reaction to whatever he felt inspired to paint.   His flowers, you can smell; his summer landscapes, you can feel the warm sun, and his winter scenes, you can feel the crispy cold air . . . Sergei's power of expression is all poetry!   The handbook is a true treasure, so alive!  I can feel Sergei's tremendous energy; you conveyed it vividly and truthfully. A life in art!  Your work continues Sergei's legacy, the whole world can enjoy his art, learn from his teachings, know about him.   Thank you for all you have done to make it possible."               

Margarita Pazmany

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Sergei Bongart... touched by the gods: This handbook for artists contains six colored prints, two black and white photographs and thirty-six illustrations by Sergei Bongart. The eight chapters cover: Method, Technique, Values, Color, Portraiture, Landscape, Critiques, and Equipment. It is a compilation of lectures, conversations, and quotes transcribed from tapes directly from the Bongart classroom. Humorous anecdotes with questions and answers from students bring the pages alive. The cost is $65.00.

BONGART VIDEO: Sergei Bongart;"It is important for students to view the process of how a painting is created." Patricia Bongart demonstrates THE BONGART METHOD from beginning to completion, while commenting on the procedure. It is available in two formats, DVD OR VHS. Viewing time is sixty minutes. The cost is $55.00.


SERGEI BONGART LECTURES: In the classroom with Bongart lets one experience the intimate relationship between Master and students. The classroom lectures, in a heavy Russian accent, are on CD. Fifty minutes in length the cost is $55.00.



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